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Toy Fox Terrier

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Toy Fox Terrier Breed Information

Description: The Toy Fox Terrier, also known as the AmerToy or the American Toy Terrier, are so small they can be carried in one arm. Toy Fox Terriers remain playful most of their lives. Their comical antics can entertain you for hours. Despite their diminished size they are courageous and are not intimidated by other pets. Toy Fox Terriers make a wonderful indoor companion, obtaining most of their exercise from run of the house. Generally they are a one person or one family dog.

Other Names: American Toy Terrier, AmerToy

Type: Terrier

Height: 10 inches Weight: 3.5 – 7 lbs.

Colors: White and black, white and tan. Coat: Short, satiny and shiny; fine in texture and smooth to the touch.

Temperament: Toy Fox Terriers are self-possessed, spirited, determined With Children: Not recommend for small children because of their size. With Pets: Will accept other dogs into the family.

Watch-dog: High, “not a fearful bone in their body”. Guard-dog: Low

Care and Exercise: Occasional bath the Toy Fox Terrier when necessary. Trim toe nails when necessary. Superior intelligence makes them easy to house train. Minimal exercise is required as they will generally self-exercise themselves.

Activity: High Living Environment: Toy Fox Terriers are equally at home in a house or apartment or condo. They are not an outdoor dog. May need a sweater in cold weather.

Health Issues: Allergies, leg problems.

Life Span: 13 – 14 years

Country of Origin: England History: Their immediate ancestors are the larger Smooth Fox Terriers. The original Fox Terrier breed standard was established in England in 1876 indicating a size of 18 to 20 lbs. Owners of the Fox Terrier found the smallest (runts) were the scrappiest of the bunch. These smaller dog were developed and eventually were found in the seven-pound range. In 1936 the Toy Fox Terrier was registered by the United Kennel Club.

First Registered by the AKC: 2001 AKC Group: Miscellaneous  Class: Terrier Registries: UKC, AKC

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