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30 YEAR ANNIVERSARY SALE!!! Mid-Winter Puppy Blowout.... SAVE HUNDREDS


Welcome To Shake A Paw

At Shake A Paw, we’re all about puppies. Purebreeds, mixed breeds, floppy ears, big eyes, cuddly, energetic, and loving — Shake A Paw offers the most diverse and extensive selection of puppies, along with everything your family will need to welcome the little one home.

Whether you’re looking for a little Boxer or a dashing Dachshund, an adorable Puggle or a loyal Rottweiler, you can be assured that your new puppy from Shake A Paw is right for you and your family. Such pride in our work and confidence in our puppies allows us to offer an unbeatable health guarantee. Think of it like a Shake A Paw seal of approval.

But your purchase is just the beginning. Shake A Paw’s pet consultants are available seven days a week to assist with questions, provide guidance, and offer you everything you will need to offer your puppy the best care. Both Shake A Paw’s New York locations, in Hicksville and Lynbrook, also carry accessories, supplies, training aids, crates, toys, food, and supplements. If your puppy needs it, you know we have it.

Visit your local Shake A Paw today, and discover why we have helped over 80,000 families find the puppies right for them.


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