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Available Pomsky puppies for sale


Puppy Information

Name: Buffy
Sex: Female
Color: Black & White
DOB: 03/27/2024
Store: Hicksville
File #: 50582


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Puppy Information

Name: Cornelius
Sex: Male
Color: Cream & White
DOB: 01/26/2024
Store: Lynbrook
File #: 31817


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Puppy Information

Name: Fly Girl
Sex: Female
Color: Black/White
DOB: 01/17/2024
Store: Lynbrook
File #: 31804


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Pomsky Breed Information

Description: A crossbreed of a Pomeranian and a Siberian Husky is what makes up a Pomsky.  Although it’s a newer breed of dog, having only been around for about 10 years, the Pomsky’s adorable look and cheerful attitude is what has quickly made them a very popular breed among today’s dog owners.  Due to the newness of this breed, the Pomsky can come in a wide number of colors, looks and sizes, even within single litters, depending on the parents they were bred from. This small to mid-sized dog is a compact ball of energy and love, and is winning over the hearts of dog lovers young and old.
Other Names:
Group: Non-sporting
Height: 9-16 inches
Weight: 10-30 pounds
Colors: Varies
Coat: Thick and fluffy, but prone to shedding
Hypoallergenic: No

Grooming: Moderate since their coats shed a good deal. Brushing frequently might help, but you’ll probably still find their hair all over.  It is also important to properly care for a Pomsky’s teeth as they are prone to dental issues.

Temperament: Cute, silly, playful, energetic, loving

Kid friendly: Pomskies can make great family dogs, but they need time to get used to being around people and especially small children.  If your Pomsky isn’t used to having its space invaded by small hands, be sure to watch them carefully so that they don’t bite.  

With Other Pets: Take care to keep smaller pets away from your Pomsky as their prey drive can take over.

Guard-dog: Despite their smaller size, don’t underestimate the Pomsky’s guard dog abilities.  They have a very strong need to protect their owners, and will take on even larger adversaries without a second thought.

Training/Learning: It is highly recommended that training starts early and often as these pint-sized pups will try to rule the roost and bark from dawn to dusk if not taught otherwise.  The pomsky can inherit their Siberian Husky parent’s independent streak, so training needs to be consistent and frequent to help it stick.

Special Needs: The pomsky thrives best with plenty of socialization and time around other dogs and people, so start that early and often to keep your dog healthy and happy.

Exercise/Activity Needed: Moderate due to their high energy levels.  Giving your Pomsky a way to burn off that energy will ensure that they don’t turn to more destructive means of burning it such as tearing apart your new sofa.  Thankfully, due to their thick coats, they can get outdoors even in cold weather. This means an owner should be prepared to bundle up and get out there too so their Pomsky can move.

Living Environment: Due to their compact size and adaptability, the pomsky is a dog well suited to live in either a larger home or a smaller apartment.

Health Issues: As it is a crossbreed, a pomsky can suffer from the same ailments of their Siberian Husky and Pomeranian parents.  Common health concerns are hip dysplasia, dental issues, allergies, heart disease, eye problems, skin problems and allergies are a few.

Life Span: 12-15 years

Litter size: 3-7

Country of Origin: United States
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