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Mini Bulldog

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Mini Bulldog Breed Information

Description: A dog of English descent, the Mini Bulldog was bred in the 1980s from an English bulldog and a pug.  Only dogs of English descent can be truly called the Mini Bulldog. Their stocky, pudgy, low frame, and adorably wrinkly flat face is hard not to find admire. Add to that the mix of grunts, snorts and snores coming from these tiny bundles and you can’t help but fall in love. This is a very friendly breed, who are quick to socialize (and want attention from) everyone from family to strangers.  

Due to their size and breathing limitations, the Mini Bulldog isn’t going to be the most active of dogs.  If you are a laid-back pet owner who doesn’t want a dog that needs hours of outdoor exercise and movement, then the Mini Bulldog might be the right dog for you.  Just think twice if you’re a light sleeper since this pup’s snores might just keep you up at night!

Other Names: Minature Bulldog, Toy Bulldog, Bullpug, English Toy Bulldog, Teacup Bulldog
Group: Toy
Height: 10-14 inches
Weight: 24-40 pounds
Colors: Brindle, fawn, white, spotted
Coat: Short
Hypoallergenic: No

Grooming: Moderate maintenance as their short coat requires only a light brushing once a week.  Due to their numerous skin folds and wrinkles, the Mini Bulldog should have its skin folds carefully wiped clean to avoid infections and allergies. Regular nail and teeth care is also recommended.

Temperament: Gentle, lovable, playful, loyal, social

Kid friendly: If socialization begins at a young age, the Mini Bulldog can do well with children.  Care should always be taken with any dog around very young children.

With Pets: If socialization begins at a young age, the Mini Bulldog can do well with other pets.  Care should be taken around bigger pets who might see the Mini Bulldog as more of a toy than another pet.

Guard-dog: Don’t expect your Mini Bulldog to guard your home.  They’ll be too busy making friends with intruders to scare anyone away!

Training/Learning: Be sure to start your training early and often to ensure that your mini bulldog, who can have a reputation of being a stubborn breed, doesn’t become an unruly handful as they grow. Potty training with this breed requires diligence and consistency.  If you don’t stick with it, expect to see puddles indoors.

Special Needs: Due to their short snouts (see Health Issues), consider using a harness instead of a leash to keep their airways clear.  The Mini Bulldog enjoys being with its family, and doesn’t do well with separation for long periods of time. Consider getting a Mini Bulldog if you are home often, or crate your dog so it can feel safe and secure when you are not home.

Exercise/Activity: Due to the breathing difficulties the Mini Bulldog can have (see Health Issues for details), it is important to not overdo any physical activity with them, especially in warmer temperatures.  Shorter and less strenuous walks once a day when it isn’t too hot out would be just enough exercise for your mini bulldog.

Living Environment:  A mini bulldog would make a great apartment or small home pet due to the lack of space they take up. Whatever their home may be, it is important that it be kept at a comfortable temperature as the Mini Bulldog doesn’t do well is extremes of hot and cold.

It might sound obvious, but due to their small size, care must be taken to not step on your mini bulldog if he or she is underfoot.  Also, be sure that if you allow your mini onto your furniture, they have a safe way to get down without jumping from a high height. If they jump down from too high, they risk serious injury.

Health Issues: Their characteristic flattened face means that they are brachycephalic (short snout), and a great deal of the health issues with a mini bulldog result from that.  They have difficulty breathing easily, so snorts, snores and panting will be the norm. More serious breathing issues can require an immediate emergency trip to the vet.  Other health conditions the mini bulldog can face are eye issues, hip dysplasia and joint issues.

Life Span: 8-12 years
Litter size: 2-5 puppies
Registries: ACA
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