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Hava-Malt Breed Information

Description: The Hava-Malt is a small-framed, outgoing dog mixed with Havanese and Maltese breeds. Described as a good companion and lap dog for the family, the Hava-Malt breed has a medium sized muzzle with long hair and a short tail. Other Names: Havamalt Type: Designer Height: 8- 12 in. Weight: 6-13 lbs. Colors: Common colors are cream, black, brown, silver, blue, white, gray and golden. Coat: Hava-Malt dogs have a double coat, the inside is harsh and coarse while the outside is long and silky. Temperament: The Hava-Malt breed is very smart, outgoing, fun and eager to please. They love playing games and running around while also serving as a great cuddle buddy to relax with. These dogs know when it is appropriate to relax and play. With Children: This breed gets attached to children very quickly and love being around multiple at a time. With Pets: If they are socialized a young age, Hava-Malt breed will be very comfortable with other dogs without getting intimidated. Watch-dog: Hava-Malt dogs are loyal to their owner and have no problem alerting them when they are in strange surroundings, making them a good watch dog. Guard-dog: Due to their petite size and calm demeanor, this breed would not be a successful guard dog. Care and Training: This hypoallergenic breed does not shed as much as other but still required regular brushing and nail clipping. Frequent teeth and ear cleanings are recommended and baths should be on occasion. Too many baths cause irritation to the skin and using dog shampoo is a necessity. Learning Rate: High. They take to training quickly. Obedience: High. Hava-Malts are people pleasers who are loyal to their owners.  Problem Solving: High. Activity: High. They are a big fan of long walks, beach trips and ball games. Living Environment: While Hava-Malt dogs can live in an apartment as long as you take them out each day, they would also enjoy living in a home with a yard Health Issues: While the Hava-Malt is known for being a healthy breed, the most common problem vigilant owners will want to keep an eye on is hip dysplasia. Life Span:  12-15 years. Litter Size: 2-5 puppies. Country of Origin: United States of America History: The Hava-Malt breed is a product of a 1990’s trend, mixing two purebreds to deliberately create a hybrid dog that would diminish the negative traits of the purebred. Since the breed is new, the history of the Hava-Malt is best told through its parents; The Maltese and the Havanese. The Havanese is a toy breed and the national dog of Cuba. It is a member of the Bichon family, believed to have been developed crossing the Blanquito de la Habana with other Bichon types. The Blanquito de la Habana are now extinct but there is speculation that all Bichon dogs can be traced back to the Teneriffe dog who arrived in Cuba on ships. The Spanish gravitated to these dogs because of their cute appearance and strong build. The Maltese is one of the oldest toy sized breeds, going back more than 2,000 years. The Maltese come from the Isle of Malta, some in Italy and some from Asia. The breed was popular amongst royalty across Europe up until the 16th century. The Maltese we see today was bred by the English in the late 1800s. Class: Designer Registries: Dog Registry of America, Inc. (DRA) American Canine Hybrid Club (ACHC), Designer Breed Registry (DBR), Designer Dogs Kennel Club (DDKC) and the International Designer Canine Registry (IDCR).
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