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Boston Bulldog

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Boston Bulldog Breed Information

Description: The Boston Bulldog is a crossbreed of Boston Terrier and English Bulldog. The breed is known for their small to medium frame and stout body. Boston Bulldogs get their large head shape from their Bulldog descendants paired with a short muzzle, broad black nose, wide nostrils and large cheeks. The dogs can be recognized for their thin, folded back eats and short tails. Other Names: English Boston Bulldog, Bully Boston
Height: 15-17 in.
Weight: 20-25 lbs.
Colors: Boston Bulldogs are commonly white, brown or black.
Coat: The breed has a glossy, short haired coat that is typically the same color all around.
Temperament: Boston Bulldogs are best described as happy, outgoing and loving household pets. As puppies, the breed is energetic and easy to train due to their love for attention and patience. As they age, Boston Bulldogs become calmer. At all ages, this breed is sensitive, kind and respond well to commands. They love affection and respond best to praises for all small accomplishments. They’re always up for a trip to the beach or park and love being around other animals. Although they should get daily exercise, Boston Bulldogs are equally happy snuggling in the house with their owner. With Children: Boston Bulldogs are the ideal family pet. Their loyal and loving nature makes them patient with children. They love the attention of little ones and can be trusted to play safely with children who are taught to be gentle with dogs. With Pets: Boston Bulldogs are very friendly and love the company of other dogs. The breed should be introduced to social outings like trips to the dog park or walks around the neighborhood at a young age. After that, the breed will adapt to seeing new faces and be comfortable meeting other pets.

Watch-dog: Their ability to be alert when strangers and troubling environments are near makes them a strong watch dog. They have no problem communicating to their owner when they feel troubled.

Guard-dog: Boston Bulldogs have a low focus level when it comes to hunting prey, making them an unsuccessful guard dog.

Care and Training: This breed should be protected from hot weather because dogs of this nature are sensitive to climate. Threats of heatstroke arise if the dog is under too much heat. When it comes to their coat upkeep, Boston Bulldogs are low maintenance. Their eyes and ears require constant wiping to stay clear of infection. Infection can also build in the folds of their skin and can be avoided by drying after each bath. Boston Bulldogs will need to get acclimated with having their teeth cleaned and getting their nails clipped so introducing the practice while they are puppies is necessary.

Learning Rate: High. Boston Bulldogs have a reputation for being easy to train.
Obedience: High.
 Problem Solving: High. Activity: Moderate.

Living Environment: Boston Bulldogs are compact in every sense of the word. This breed is most comfortable being close by their owner in an apartment living space.

Health Issues: Boston Bulldogs often go through breathing problems similar to Pugs, due to the shape of their nose. A common health problem for this breed is blindness, cherry eye and constant flatulence.

Life Span: 12-15 years.

Litter Size: 1-9 puppies.

History: The Boston Bulldog is a hybrid breed, meaning the exact history of how this mix came to be is unclear. The Boston Bulldog breed began reaching a fever-pitch in popularity in the past 20 years, known for being small, loveable household pets. The Boston Terrier originates from selective breeding of the bull and terrier types, selected to be pit fighter dogs. They originated from Boston, Massachusetts and is one of the few breeds developed in America. Boston Terriers were recognized by the American Kennel Club in 1893. English Bulldog had its origins in the British Isles, and is a descendant of the Asiatic Mastiff. At the beginning of their existence, the breed was used in sport to bait bulls. Originally, Bulldogs were taught to have a fearless, aggressive temperament to fight the bulls that would come after them. Although the name remains the same, Bulldogs today are known for their calm presence. The Boston Bulldog luckily retained the laid back, loving personality traits of its parent breeds.

First Registered by the AKC: The Boston Bulldog breed is not recognized by the AKC.

Registries: ACHC, DBR, DDKC, DRA
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