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Boggle Breed Information

Description: The Boggle is a crossbreed of Boxer and Beagle, inheriting the facial expressions, dropping ears and long body of its parents. Known for being a generally happy breed that aims to please their owners, Boggle dogs are full of energy with a fun-loving nature. They have a strong, muscular build with a sleek coat. The Boggle breed is known for its keen sense of hunt and mostly used as a working dog. Their naturally strong sense of smell makes them useful for detecting narcotics, watching and tracking activities. These dogs know how to be playful, too. Boggles are good with kids and perfect for growing families. 

Other Names: Boxer Beagle Mix, Bogle

Type: Crossbreed, Hound, Working

Height: 25-30 in. 

Weight: 50-60 lbs. 

Colors: Common colors of Boggle dogs are tricolor combinations of black and tan; black and white; brown and black. 

Coat: The texture of the breed’s coat is dense with as smooth, sleek appeal. Boggles are known as moderate shedders. 

Temperament: The Boggle breed is a friendly, gentle and when they need to be, protective. While they are wary of strangers, it doesn’t take long for a Boggle to befriend a human. They enjoy being playful and look forward to outdoor activities. With Children: Boggle dogs are considered gentle giants with children of the family. They show patience with active children and will shower them with kisses. Parents of toddlers will want to supervise their interactions with a Boggle because this breed tends to have an enthusiastic nature. Children should be taught to not interrupt the dog while it eats and sleeps. With Pets: Boggles should be socialized with other dogs and cats at a young age in order for them to get along with other pets. 

Watch-dog: Boggles are strong watch dogs who will alert their owner of incoming danger. This defensive trait makes them wary of strangers and protective of their owners. 

Guard-dog: Due to their athletic build, Boggle dogs are successful guard dogs. The breed can sense danger and will not hesitate to defend their owner in tense situation 

Care and Training:  Boggle dogs should get around 30 to 40 minutes of cardio on the daily. While those with an intimate home can raise a happy and healthy dog, Boggles thrive with exercise in a moderately sized fenced yard. Their favorite playtime activities are fetch and fly ball.  The breed’s coat doesn’t require much more than a weekly brushing of the coat, teeth and trimming of the nails. Frequent baths should be avoided to maintain the shine of the dog’s coat. Boggle dogs should get their ears examined every two weeks because the breed is prone to ear infections. When it comes to food, adult Boggle dogs will need two to three cups of high-quality dog food on a regular basis.

Learning Rate: Although Boggle dogs tend to be stubborn, they are very intelligent and able to complete proper training. Obedience: High. Problem Solving: Very high. This breed is used as a working dog due to its strong sense of smell. 

Activity: High. Daily cardio activity is a must for these dogs.

Living Environment: This breed thrives in a large living space with outdoor access and a fenced yard. Boggle dogs are most comfortable with active owners who will take them on daily walks and jogs. 

Health Issues: There are no known breed-specific health issues for Boggles but general dog conditions to look out for are allergies, cardiovascular disorders, gastric issues and hip joint problems.

Life Span: 12-15 years.

Litter Size: 2-10 puppies.

Country of Origin: United States of America

History: The Boggle, bred originally in the United States of America, is made up with Beagle and Boxer genes. Beagles are bred to hunt and the Boxer is known for being a physically strong breed. The Boggle is bred to get the best of their parent’s qualities. 

First Registered by the AKC: Boggle is not a breed recognized by the AKC.

Class: Crossbreed

Registries: ACHC, DRA, DDKC, IDCR
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