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Puppy Information

Name: Claudia
Sex: Female
Color: Fawn/White
DOB: 01/22/2024
Store: Lynbrook
File #: 31815


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Beabull Breed Information

Description: The Beabull is a breed of designer dog, crossing an English Bulldog with a Beagle. This rare breed of dog is known for being strong, independent, playful and loving. With the genetic makeup of both parent breeds, common Beabull traits are Bulldog wrinkles in the face, under-bite, short tails and short legs. The breed’s ears tend to be droopy paired with a long muzzle. They are described as extremely intelligent, easy to train and best suited for families with children and active singles. 

Other Names: Beabull, Bulldog Beagle mix. 

Type: Hybrid 

Height: 12-16 in.

Weight: 30-50 lbs. 

Colors: Beabulls are often white, brown or brindle in color. 

Coat: The hair of a Beabull is considered straight, mid-length and needs to be brushed daily. 

Temperament: Owners can expect a lot of love from this breed. Beabulls are known for being playful, affectionate and loyal to the ones who train them. With Children: Beabulls are known for being curious and playful towards children. The breed is known for being family-friendly and patient with the younger members of the family. With Pets: Having other dogs in the family is not a problem for Beabulls. They are very friendly and loving towards other pets. They should, however, get acquainted with other animals when they are young. 

Watch-dog: A Beabull’s poor sense of immediate danger is caused by their overly friendly personality. This makes the breed a poor watch dog. 

Guard-dog: Beabulls passionate loyalty to their owners makes them a great guard dog. While they are sweet and loving, they will not hold back when defending their family. 

Care and Training: Beabulls are creatures of habit and it is recommended for owners to introduce wellness practices to them at an early age. The breed needs daily brushes, teeth cleanings nail clippings and frequent baths. It is recommended to clean and dry carefully in the wrinkled areas of the dog to avoid skin infections. The dog’s long, floppy ears must get cleaned out with a damp cloth once a week due to build-up. Beabulls are known for being food motivated and treats should be the backbone to training. 

Learning Rate: High.  Obedience- Very High. Problem Solving– Low. 

Activity: Medium. 

Living Environment: Beabulls are low maintenance when it comes to living space. They can live in an apartment or house. A yard is an added bonus but not a necessity. 

Health Issues: Health concerns for Beabulls are Intervertebral disk disease, eye problems, epilepsy, Hypothyroidism, Beagle Dwarfism, CBS and Patellar Luxation. 

Life Span: 10-13 years. 

Litter Size: 6-12 puppies. 

Country of Origin: United States 

History: The Beabull breed originated in the United States of America but there is no documentation on how the mix came to be. Made up of genetics from English Bull Dogs and Beagles, Beabull are described as gentle, trusted yet courageous. Beagles were established in Roman times, billed as hunting dogs in the mid-1800’s. Their keen sense of smell and laser focus energy earned them the reputation of being a trusted bread. The Bulldog made its breed debut in England in 1835. During his time, they were used in sports to bait bears and bulls. After that sport was banned, dog fights were on the rise until the people of England realized the use of animals for fighting purposes only was inhumane. Making the move to America, Bulldogs were used to guard properties and hunt. Now, both Bulldogs and Beagles share calm temperaments, affectionate actions and loyalty to their owners. These traits have been passed down to their hybrid breed, Beabulls. 

Class: Hybrid

Registries: ACHC, DBR, DDKC, DRA, IDCR. 
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