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Puppy Health & Peace of Mind

Shake A Paw carries only the highest quality puppies. Over 30 years of experience has afforded us close relationships with the most reputable breeders in the country. Our puppies are healthy, friendly, and adorable. Properly socialized from the moment they come into our care, they’re no strangers to play time. We also ensure that every puppy receives the necessary veterinary treatments, shots, and testing prior to leaving for their new home. And don’t forget our unbeatable health guarantee. Shake A Paw stands behind every single one of our puppies. They’re the best of their breed, and we’re happy to bring them to you.
Shake A Paw puppies are carefully screened by experienced veterinarians before they are sent to our stores. Once they arrive, they are vaccinated, wormed up to date, and examined again by a veterinarian to make sure nothing has been overlooked. Their shot records are available for viewing when you make your purchase. For more information about our health guarantee, please visit your nearest authorized Shake A Paw location.
When deciding whether to buy or adopt a puppy there are a few things that need to be considered. First are the physical characteristics: With a purebred pup, you will know the approximate full-grown size and weight of your dog. When you adopt a mixed breed, it is difficult to approximate full-grown size. To some people, factors like whether or not a dog sheds or the length of the hair or whether a not it will be hypoallergenic are important points to consider prior to buying.

There are many advantages to visiting your local Shake A Paw puppy store rather than finding a breeder. First, we have an enormous selection of puppies. We can offer a variety of breeds, price ranges, and temperaments. A breeder will typically have only one litter of pups, and your selection will be limited to the particular breed of dog that they have.

Second, Shake A Paw has an incredible, unmatched health guarantee. A breeder, though they may offer some sort of health policy, would not be able to afford you the same guarantee as the Shake A Paw guarantee.

Most importantly, the experienced staff at Shake A Paw is here to help you decide on a puppy that is right for you. Once you take your new puppy home, we’re here seven days a week to answer any questions and offer expert advice. Our staff members include experts in the areas of training, grooming, and puppy health care.

Yes, all of our puppies are micro-chipped before you purchase them. Micro-chip registration will be made available and explained at the time of purchase. This is very important if your puppy should ever become lost. If the microchip is registered, then there is a very good chance you will recover your puppy.

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