Shake A Paw’s extensive selection of puppies includes just about every purebred dog breed and hybrid dog breed available today. You could very well end up falling for a puppy you never even knew existed! The links below provide you with a full list of dog breeds, their history, their temperament, and traits that will help you decide which is best for you and your family. Visit your local Shake A Paw today to speak with one of our consultants and meet our puppies.
Group: Hounds
Weight: 40-60 Lbs.
Height: 14 Inches
Group: Hounds
Weight: 18-30 Lbs.
Height: 13 Inches
Bearded Collie
Group: Herding
Weight: 45-55 Lbs.
Height: Male: 21-22, Female: 20-21 Inches
Bernese Mountain Dog
Group: Working
Weight: Male: 90-120, Female: 70-100 Lbs.
Height: Male: 25-27.5, Female: 23-26 Inches
Group: Non-sporting
Weight: 7-12 Lbs.
Height: 9.5-11.5 Inches
Group: Companion
Weight: 5-14 Lbs.
Height: Males: 11-12,
Females: 10-11 inches.
Group: Hounds
Weight: Male: 90-110, Female: 80-100 Lbs.
Height: Male: 25-27, Female: 23-25 Inches
Border Collie
Group: Herding
Weight: 30-45 Lbs.
Height: Male: 20-23, Female: 18-21 Inches
Boston Terrier
Group: Non-sporting
Weight: 10-25 Lbs.
Height: 15-17 Inches
Bouvier Des Flanders
Group: Herding
Weight: 69-90 Lbs.
Height: Male: 24-28, Female: 24-27 Inches
Group: Working
Weight: Male: 65-80, Female: 50-65 Lbs.
Height: Male: 22.5-25, Female: 21-23.5 Inches
Brittany Spaniel
Group: Sporting
Weight: 30-40 Lbs.
Height: 17.5-20.5 Inches
Brussels Griffon
Group: Toy
Weight: 8-10 Lbs.
Height: 7-8 Inches
Group: Working
Weight: Male 110-130, Female: 100-120 Lbs.
Height: Male: 25-27, Female: 24-26 Inches