Shake A Paw’s extensive selection of puppies includes just about every purebred dog breed and hybrid dog breed available today. You could very well end up falling for a puppy you never even knew existed! The links below provide you with a full list of dog breeds, their history, their temperament, and traits that will help you decide which is best for you and your family. Visit your local Shake A Paw today to speak with one of our consultants and meet our puppies.


Country of Origin: This is a cross between the Schnauzer and the Poodle. Since there are three types of Schnauzer breeds and three types of Poodle breeds, any cross between the two is called Schnoodle.

Size: Shoulder height: The size varies depending upon the size of pure breed that is used in the cross.

Coat: Varies. Can take after the Schnauzer (course) or after the Poodle (softer) or any variation in between.

Character: Intelligent, loving and playful. They are alert. Traits will vary depending upon the breed used.

Temperament: Usually a happy breed who enjoy being with the family. Makes a good companion dog / family pet. Usually gets along well with others.

Care: Bathe when necessary. Little to no shedding. Brush weekly.

Training: Energetic. Easily trained.

Activity: Enjoys walks. Depending on which of the Schnauzer and which of the Poodle breeds are used will require different amount of exercise. Enjoys playing.