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Manchester Terrier

Description: The Manchester Terriers were registered as separate breeds until 1959 when they became a single breed with the Toy Manchester Terrier with two varieties, the Toy and the Standard. They are a true terrier: inquisitive, alert and keen to investigate and look into everything. Manchester Terriers are easy to care for, clean and alert and make excellent companions.

Other Names: Black and Tan Terrier

Type: Terrier

Height for Standard Variety: 15 - 16 inches
Weight for Standard Variety: 12 - 22 lbs.

Colors: Jet black and rich tan.
Coat: Close, smooth, short, and glossy.

Temperament: Manchester Terriers are intelligent, personable, high-strung.
With Children: Yes, but may not tolerate the hectic activity of young children.
With Pets: May be overly aggressive to other animals.
Special Skills: Rat catcher and family pet.

Watch-dog: Very High
Guard-dog: Medium

Care and Training: Manchester Terriers are easy to care for as all they require is a daily brushing or a rub down to give their coat a shine. Bathe only when necessary. Manchester Terriers obtain their exercise in a small area, but does enjoy a good run. They should be socialized at a young age.
Learning Rate: High, Obedience - Low, Problem Solving - Medium

Activity: VeryHigh
Living Environment: Apartment if daily walks are given or a house with a yard.

Health Issues: Lens luxation, secondary glaucoma.

Life Span: 15 + years
Litter Size:
2 - 4

Country of Origin: Great Britain
History: Manchester Terrier were originally known as the Black and Tan Terrier in the 16th century in England. They were used as a ratter and a companion dog. They may have been crossed with the Whippet, Greyhound and other terriers to produce the Standard Manchester.

First Registered by the AKC: 1886
AKC Group: Terrier
Class: Terrier
Registries: AKC, ANKC, CKC, FCI (Group 3), KC (GB), UKC