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English Springer Spaniel

Description: The English Springer Spaniel is a medium-sized sporting dog with a neat, compact body and a docked tail. They are one of the largest of the spaniels. Their coat is moderately long and glossy with feathering on their legs, ears, chest and brisket. Handsome and robust, they excel in the field by flushing out game. English Springer Spaniels make an excellent family companion as well as a good working dog. They must have human companionship and the freedom to exercise regularly.

Type: Gun Dog

Height: 19 - 20 inches
Weight: 49 - 53 lbs.

Colors: Liver and white, black and white, tan markings
Coat: Close, straight and weather resistant; never coarse

Temperament: English Springer Spaniels are willing, active, faithful, intelligent
With Children: Yes, with proper socialization.
With Pets: Yes
Special Skills:
Field sports dog and family pet

Watch-dog: High
Guard-dog: Low

Care and Exercise: Regular grooming of the English Springer Spaniel coat with a stiff bristle brush. Bathe only when necessary. Occasional trimming of ears and pads of the feet. It is recommended they receive professional grooming once or twice a year. English Springer Spaniels need long daily walks and the opportunity to run and play off leash.
Training: English Springer Spaniels may be headstrong, but are intelligent, learn easily and have a desire to learn.
Learning Rate: High, Obedience - High, Problem Solving - High

Activity: Indoors - Medium - High, Outdoors - High
Living Environment: English Springer Spaniels enjoy living in the house with a fenced in backyard. Does not do well in small apartment or with people who live a sedentary life.

Health Issues: Usually sound and healthy. May have eye abnormalities or ear infections.

Life Span: 10 - 15 years
Litter Size:

Country of Origin: England
History: One of the oldest spaniels, they were originally known as the Norfolk Spaniel. They gained the title of "springer" because of their usefulness in "springing" game for the gun.

First Registered by the AKC: 1910
AKC Group: Sporting Group
Class: Gundog
Registries: AKC, ANKC, CKC, FCI (Group 8), KC(GB), UKC