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English Bulldog

Description: Known as the national symbol of Great Britain, the characteristics of a perfect English Bulldog are medium size, smooth coat, heavy, thick-set, low-swung body, massive short-faced head, wide shoulders and sturdy limbs. English Bulldogs are an ideal pet as they love to be in the company of their family. They adore children and make an excellent companion to them because of their gentle, yet sometimes stubborn nature. English Bulldogs are laid-back, loyal good natured and undemanding companion who would make a great companion for the elderly. Do not feel guilty for not walking them as they are known as the "couch potato". Contrary to popular belief they do not drool, but they may snore. English Bulldogs can also be humorous, even comical which will add to their charm.

Other Names: Bulldogs

Height: 12 - 14 inches
Weight: 50 - 55 lbs.

Colors: Uniform color or with a black mask or muzzle; reds, red brindle, piebald; black undesirable.
Coat: Short, smooth and close, finely textured.

Temperament: Affectionate, docile, reliable.
With Children: Wonderful with children, loves a low-key romp with the kids in the backyard.
With Pets: Yes, but may get aggressive towards other animals when food is present.

Watch-dog: Very low
Guard-dog: Very high

Care and Training: Regular brushing of the English Bulldogs coat with a rough cloth and minimal exercise is needed. Care should be taken not to over feed the English Bulldog. English Bulldogs would also prefer not to take any exercise. Special care to powder their fold and wrinkles and under their tail during hot weather. English Bulldogs should not be over exerted in hot weather. The English Bulldog do not make a good dog for the obedience enthusiast.
Learning Rate: Low, intelligent, but uncomplicated

Activity: Indoors very low, outdoor low.
Living Environment: Indoor - outdoor arrangement in a temperate climate. Does not do well in extreme weather conditions.

Health Issues: Overheating, itchy skin, difficulty breathing. Many puppies are born Caesarean section.

Life Span: 8 - 10 years
Litter Size:

Country of Origin: Great Britain
History: The English Bulldogs roots are firmly planted in British soil being mentioned in many written works in history. Shakespeare refers to the breed in King Henry, VI. English Bulldogs have been used as a butcher’s dog to help control oxen, as a guard, as a hunting dog and for the sport of baiting. They would take on opponents such as bulls, bears, badgers and even other dogs in the ring. Now breeders concentrate on developing their non-ferocious traits. The English Bulldog is now a popular show dog around the world.

First Registered by the AKC: 1934
AKC Group: Non-Sporting
Class: Non-Sporting
Registries: AKC, CKC, FCI (Group 2), KC (GB)